Shrewkfest 2019


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Camping - Parking - or Pedestrian access,

Workshops, Performances, Food, Drink, Stalls

All-Day open mic/jam session in the local pub, Meet and Greet,
Original Song Competition & much more

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At the moment we do not have any external funding for Shrewkfest
If you would like to help us make the festival as good as we possibly can please consider making a small donation
by clicking on the Crowdfunder link


Phil Doleman 

And here's the full line-up for Shrewkfest 2019 in playing order with approximate times:

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Friday 26th July 2019:-  
Meet and Greet Bring your ukes and join us in front of the main stage area from 13:00 to 16:00 for a chance to meet everyone, say "Hi" to old friends, meet new friends and jam along in an informal jam session.
This proved to be very popular last year so we have decided to make it a feature of each Shrewkfest.
Workshop with Phil Doleman Starting at 16:00, Phil Doleman will be holding two ukulele workshops over the weekend, this being the first, and the second being on Saturday. Full details nearer the time ...
Ukulele Jukebox Mainstage Friday 26th July 2019 17:00
Ukulele Jukebox

Based around Lancaster, we are a 3 piece band,
playing an eclectic mix of music including punk, rock,
psychedelia, folk and grunge.

Ukulele Jukebox has three members:
Mike on ukulele and vocals;
Kizzy on ukulele, vocals, melodica and a range of percussion;
Bob on bass.

Charlie Beer Mainstage Friday 26th July 2019 18:00
Charlie Beer

Charlie is an up and coming blues and ukulele artist
who has impressed audiences up and down the country
with his fresh and new take on playing blues on the ukulele.
Charlie puts on a killer show for anyone interested in
Blues, Jazz, Swing and Ragtime.
photo by 
James Millar

You can find and contact Charlie at,

Instagram: @charliebeerukulele

Facebook:Charlie Beer ukulele


Shifnal Ukes Mainstage Friday 26th July 2019 19:00
Shifnal Ukes

Shifnal Ukulele Group meet up every Thursday evening in a local pub

to sing, play, chat and laugh.

It's a very friendly, fun group that welcomes people of all abilities and ages.

High & Mighty Mainstage Friday 26th July 2019 20:00
High And Mighty "High And Mighty" evolved from its monthly meetings in High Ercall.
The group started in 2015 and had monthly meet -ups at
The Cleveland Arms.

After the closure of the pub they moved to The Tiddly in Ellerdine
and High Ercall Village Hall.
The band has a fluid approach
with many band members taking the lead.
The music is an eclectic mix of modern and old time tunes
with a strong bass leading the way.
t.b.a Mainstage Friday 26th July 2019 21:00
The Shropshire Ukulele Massive Mainstage Friday 26th July 2019 22:00
The Shropshire Ukulele Massive

An amalgamation of players from many of the Ukulele groups from around Shropshire, England’s greenest and pleasantest land.

They organise all manner of events in and around Shrewsbury, including ‘Shrewkfest’ and play live at many festivals and venues.

Bring your uke along and join in to play songs from the festival songbook ...
and dance the night away!

Saturday 27th July 2019:-  
Side By Side Ukes Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 12:00
Side By Side Ukes

A fundraising ukulele band formed a little over Three and a half years ago.Based in Telford, Shropshire.
Amongst our players we have
Ukuleles, Harmonica, Banjolele, Washboard ... and Spoons.

Travelling arround Shropshire, busking and performing at private events
with all monies raised donated to charity.
Charities helped over the years include: Breast Cancer Care, Macmillan Cancer support,
Severn Hospice, Clic Sargent, Guide dogs for the blind, Prostate Cancer UK,
The Blood Bikes Charity to name but a few.

We are a fun loving ukulele band which is reflected in our song playlists.Our motto is: “We are the fun in Fundraising”.

The Wandering Ukes Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 12:50
Wandering Ukes

A mishmash of random troubadours
(usually found frequenting clubs between
Land’s End, Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton)

coming together to provide a programme of
altered ukestral images

Ukes On The Edge Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 13:40
Ukes On The Edge

Ukes On The Edge hail from the ancient village of Kinver in South Staffordshire
and take our name from the sandstone outcrop known as Kinver Edge.

The group is a section of Kinver U3A and was started approx. three years ago and now number around 40 members, in addition we also have a beginners group which currently numbers approx. 12 members

We meet up on Friday afternoons for a good singalong session and we perform at gigs around the Midlands area.

We are a very friendly bunch and welcome new members,
you don’t even need to have your own uke as we can loan you one.

Cool And Uke Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 14:30
Cool And Uke

The creational godfather of Cool and Uke was Colin Smith.
Started in 2013 in Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge as a chaotic community club
with a sense of fun to play music from “our years”!
Now six years on we are well established, we’ve even been on TV
(Come Dine With Me) and Shropshire Radio!
We continue to stretch the boundaries of music played on a Uke…
Playing music from all genres, our passion is for music from the 70s and 80s.
Made up, mainly but not exclusively, of Ukuleles and Banjoleles…everyone is welcome who wants to get involved.
Our songbooks include songs from The Cure, James, REM, The Undertones ,
Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Beautiful South, The Specials and even George Ezra
to name but a few.
Check out our website to get an idea of what we do... and join in!

Smelly Cat Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 15:20
Smelly Cat

Smelly Cat Club. This band will play in your lounge
Smelly Cat are Rachel and Alan. They play guitars, ukuleles, banjo and synthesizer.
Not all at the same time though. And bongo's. They first played at Shrewkfest 2018.
They don't like to shout about it, but it seemed to go OK.
Since then they've been playing all over the place, involved in all sorts of gigs, live broadcasts, radio work, podcasts and (hopefully) their first CD.
They also have their own noisy sing along Fan Club.
So what can we expect? Well, they are surprisingly noisy for just two people.
They're also both songwriters. That certainly helps to fill up the set.
You'll also get a few tales from 'on the road', a couple of covers you didn't expect
and maybe even a new song made up on the spot. Anything is possible.

You might even end up joining the Club and getting a badge.

Four Strings and Mr Blow Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 16:10
Four Strings and Mr Blow 

Four Strings and Mr Blow are a gigging 6 piece Ukulele band
formed from friendships and common musical interests at Cool and Uke.

Four Strings on each instrument (Ukulele and Bass)
with the added musicality of Mr Blow on The Harmonica.

Musical harmonies, harmonica, strong bass lines played on songs from our
musical heroes Bowie / Weller / Lennon & McCartney / Paul Heaton and many others.

Gabriela La Foley Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 17:00
Gabriela La Foley Gabriela was a frustrated musician all her life, with no talent for playing any musical instrument - until she acquired a ukulele about 15 years ago.
She describes it like the Blues Brothers ‘seeing the light’.
All of a sudden, it ALL made sense!
She had found her portal to a a life of Friends, Music, Fun and Adventures around the Northern Hemisphere.
Novelty songs, Stories, Jokes and Poems are her trademark, but her real trademark is the audience. The closer Gabriela is to the audience, the better.
She has been described as ‘Happiness In A Hat’.
In 2006, she was voted one the most popular guests on Chris Evans’ Drive Time show, and was invited to play at Chris’ last Drive Time broadcast at the Millennium Dome.
The Ukulele Ladies Of Gothenberg Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 18:00
Ukulele Ladies Of Gothenberg

Once upon a time, in 1998, we were 9 ladies who found each other
through music and ukulele playing.
We all love to sing in harmonies and over the years a variety of tunes have been especially arranged for us to fit our voices.
We offer a mix between Jazz, Evergreens and Modern music like ABBA.
Mostly we play in
Sweden but we have also been on tour to Norway,
England (Blackpool), Czech Republic and Spain.
Our objective is to make the audience happy and delight them when we are playing.
We hope that you will enjoy listening to us.

Eva Olivia Samuelsson: conductor, song, ukulele, guitar
Eva Simmons: song, guitar and ukulele bass
Ewa Elvira Leyman: song, ukulele, banjo ukulele,
Mimmi de Broen: song, ukulele, percussion
Helene Särnholm: song, ukulele
Mari-Anne Bogren: song, ukulele
Ingrid Bröms: song, ukulele, percussion
Christel Berver: song, ukulele, percussion
Ann Rudenbrandt: song, ukulele

Matthew Quilliam Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 19:00
Matthew Quilliam Matthew Quilliam Ukulele makes his return to Shrewkfest with a show
that is even bigger and funnier than last time!

The act is like no other in that it brings some silly songs from the past few decades
out of the dark and into the spotlight once again.

As well as being a music teacher and composer, Matthew tours the country with his surprising and unforgettable act of comedy, musicianship and originality.

Facebook: Matthew Quilliam Ukulele
YouTube: Matthew Quilliam
Instagram: @quilliammatthew
The Ukey Monster Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 20:00
The Ukey Monster

Returning again this year- another much requested band!
A lively, contemporary, 13-piece ukulele collective
The Ukey Monster perform an eclectic combination of popular songs
in a quirky,
energetic and upbeat style. 
Vibrant vocal harmonies, Ukey sizzling solos,
Luscious licks and big bass grooves. 
Monsterously good tunes from Motörhead to Marley,
Bowie to Chuck Berry, Pink Floyd to Pop!
The Ukey Monster have entertained many folks at festivals, in pubs and clubs
as well as private and public functions.


Phil Doleman Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 21:00
Phil Doleman Phil’s love of vintage blues, hokum, old-time and jug band music
shines through as he blows the dust off obscure old songs
with his intricate picking and driving rhythms
on both resonator ukulele and 5-string banjo.
His original songs blend perfectly with the classics,
with most listeners believing them to be old songs that passed them by.
Phil tours all over the UK, and has played festivals in the US, France, Germany and Finland.
He has appeared on over 20 albums (and a number 2 hit single),
on BBC radio and TV and performed with award winning musicians.
He has a regular column in Uke magazine,
and is the author of the book “How Music Works On The Ukulele”

“Massively entertaining” - Blues Matters Magazine
“Genuinely good-time music from ukulele stalwart, who also plays a mean banjo”
- Roots Magazine

“Some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time” - Dan Phelps, Delta blues artist
“If you don’t know him already, you should!
Playing, singing and stage presence are all top shelf.”

- Matthew Fox, American roots musician and songwriter
Frankton Five Mainstage Saturday 27th July 2019 22:00
Workshop with Phil Doleman Starting at 12:00, on the Paddock stage, Phil Doleman will be holding his second ukulele workshop. Full details nearer the time ...
Young At Heart Paddock stage Saturday 27th July 2019 13:00
Young At Heart

Young At Heart are Bill and Rosemary Checketts

Bill started to try to learn the guitar at the ripe old age of 68,
then at 70 came across the ukulele and is still playing at 77.

Rosemary joined him 4 years ago, self taught, they are still doing their thing.

Bill talked Rosemary into getting on stage
and now they really enjoy what they do,
showing that there is always time for anyone to strut their stuff -
age is only a number!

Twiddlers Paddock stage Saturday 27th July 2019 14:00
Twiddlers We are a Bridgnorth based group of enthusiasts
with origins in all the local ukulele clubs
We play together for enjoyment and gig regularly
raising money for worthy causes

twiddlersub@gmail .com
2Ukes  Paddock stage Saturday 27th July 2019 15:00

We are 2ukes and with our fantastic fun playing outlook
you will find us fun and friendly. 

We have been performing for 3 years
and have a lot of followers on YouTube and face book .

 We play Oscar Schmidt ukuleles most of the time
and have written a number of great songs .

We are in our young fifties, although we act 20 ha ha
and we are from the Midlands.
Outcasts Paddock stage Saturday 27th July 2019 16:00
Outcasts Outcasts are:
Ian - Rock Bottom
Andy - Corroded Metal
John - Lost
Barrie - Broken Biscuit

They seek them here, they seek them there
They flit from club to club just like butterflies
Pursuing all the latest musical fads and trends
They are dedicated followers of anyone.
Two of Us Paddock stage Saturday 27th July 2019 17:00
Two Of Us Two of Us was born on a green leather Chesterfield in a pub on the Wirral
during an open mic night when Tom dared Em to sing a song about undie sniffing.

She took up the gauntlet with gusto and 'In Spite of Ourselves' was their first public performance back in 2016.
They’ve been folking up quirky cover songs ever since
with ukuleles, flute, banjo, guitar and soon the musical saw!

Tom and Em met whilst playing in the Wirral Ukulele Orchestra
where they discovered a shared passion for the same music.
Emma is co-Director of the Summer Strum Hoylake Ukulele Festival
and is looking forward to relaxing at someone else’s event for a change!

Tom is a Graphic Designer by day and designs all the promotional material
for Summer Strum and last year’s GNUF!
He is also a member of Broken Strings - a seven (sometimes eight) - piece
country folk band from Wirral.
Morgan George Paddock stage Saturday 27th July 2019 18:00
Morgan George

Returning once again after a very succesful set
at last year’s Shrewkfest.

Morgan is an up and coming musician from Shrewsbury.
Original songs and covers on
guitar, ukulele and piano.

Britaly Paddock stage Saturday 27th July 2019 19:00

Britaly are John Crimes and Marica Sarcina,
a unique blend of British and Italian styles
featuring songs from England, Italy,
France and Russia
with a touch of reggae for added spice

Sunday 28th July:- from 13:00
Mass Jam Session Join us for a free-for-all Jam session for all those who don't need to rush off home ...

More info will be forthcoming soon!

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